I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with 64GB MicroSD Class 10 and enclosure with fan.

It's a robust 24/7 headless micro server, simply by enabling SSH and VNC.
I run hourly jobs for data capture with crontab, a simple Python script, and PostgreSQL server.
It works as Jupyter server for simple coding work.
It also has CUPS enabled, which allows me to print from my phone to my HP 319 Printer through wifi.

I've updated the OS to Bullseye and loved the default Python become 3.9.
QGIS is also updated to version 3 (although not the latest) instead of 2.18 on the older version.

For what its worth, I believe everyone into coding should own a Raspberry Pi.
3B+ should be enough, while 4 with larger RAM or Zero W with super small form factor might be slightly expensive in Southeast Asia.