Why WSL?

Three out of four people use Windows, and another three out of four uses Windows 10 PC. We will be using Windows 10 (version 2004 or higher) for coding with WSL2.


The official guides on WSL2 is available here.

You need to enable Windows Subsystem for Linux and Virtual Machine Platform.

You need to download the WSL2 installer (or for some newer Windows 10 version, can install and update it directly from Powershell).

You need to switch the default to WSL2.

For some, enabling Hyper-V is a downer since some app may not working, i.e. if you are using third party emulator.

Ubuntu on Windows

You can download it from Windows Store.

If for some reasons you cannot download it, say you don't want to login to Windows Store, you can get it from here

There are two versions available in store, but you can use the main one here, as you can simply call it using ubuntu instead of ubuntu2004. copy the link and put on the above site to be able to download the appx.

After you download the appx, you can simply double click the file to install.

You can verify if Ubuntu installed by running ubuntu command in PowerShell. For first run you may need to create username and password first.


IMO this probably one of the notable new feature from WSL2. After the environment activation you can simply explore the WSL Distro using File Explorer, making it easy to copy paste from your Windows to WSL Distro and vice versa.

Still you need to copy the file to your Windows drive first if you want to upload the data on your WSL.