Discount Savings


These days one of hack of life needed is instead of focusing on gain, we can also try to reduce the expense, or save some of our spending.

While it may seem trivial but there are lots of discounts around you can actually use to reduce your regular spending from 4-10% which actually larger than what you get from bank interests, and to some extent, could be similar to what you gain from light stock trading.


Food: As main grocery, the price usually quite fixed, so it's better to buy from ecommerce with free delivery, use credit card, and additional discounts if available

Cleaning: most of the multinational company (MNC) always has their discount period, either monthly or quarterly, stock up if possible.

Monthly Bills


On certain events, it's possible to get 10% discount on above items, so it is a good idea to be prepared and spend early when you can rather than when you really need it)


Currently Seabank has very generous offer of 7% interests p.a. which means you will get roughly 0.07/365*0.8 daily interest or ~15k for every 100m daily. This offer applies until end of December 2021. 

The app is pretty basic but works, no frills such as fingerprint, but has complete e-wallet option and transfer still free (including OVO). You also don't need to internally move your money unlike other digital bank to gain full interests. Activation is also quite fast, video call to take your picture with your KTP, while it says wait for 24 hours mine only took 3 minutes. 

Minimum transfer is 10k and daily limit transaction is 10m, which might be an issue if you suddenly decide to drain your account later on.